There are some pests that people are more eager to get rid of than others. Termites would be one of them. These bugs eat up wood with a quickness, which means they are a threat to homes and businesses in Lakewood. Collectively, Americans shell out a staggering $5 billion to deter or recover from termites. One reason the expense is so high is that insurance companies typically don’t cover termite issues. It’s considered an avoidable problem. Another cause for the cost is property owners wasting money on “do-it-yourself” elimination tricks. Many believe that these kinds of methods will save them money, versus contacting a professional company. Find out why the “hacks” fail and why Bugaboo Pest Control is your best option for termites.

termite crawling in damaged wood

How Do Termites Look & Behave?

Before you can successfully thwart termites, you have to know more about their operation. In termite colonies, you have three groups: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Workers are 0.12 of an inch long and white or grayish-white. As you might conclude from their classification, they do the majority of the work (ie: eating wood). Soldiers are a slightly larger bunch. They are yellow-brown and have rectangular heads. Pronounced jaws help them defend their kind. The ½ of an inch long swarmers are tasked with reproductive duties. They use their wings to leave nests in the spring, so they can mate and start new colonies. This class comes in brown, black, and yellow. If you see one buzzing around, you likely have an infestation. Other chief signs include:

  • Discolored or sagging drywall
  • Lots of pin-point holes, maze patterns, and mud tubes on foundations
  • Wobbly tiles and weakened floorboards 
  • Frothy or peeling paint that appears water-damaged 
  • Fecal piles that look like salt and pepper particles
  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Discarded swarmer wings 

Why Don’t DIY Termite Tricks Work? How Can You Prevent Termites?

Some of the independent approaches that are used to get rid of termites are applying vinegar, orange oil, boric acid, and sunlight. People also try their luck with retail liquids, sprays, baits, and other products. While the ingredients in these items have repelling qualities or are able to kill some termites, their overall effectiveness is limited. There are several termite subspecies, and each responds to treatments differently. Proper identification is critical to extermination.

Most commercial insecticides are either too powerful or too weak. Those of the former set could be dangerous for humans and domestic animals to be around. Further, you run the risk of using them incorrectly because the instructions are confusing and/or complex.

In addition, shelf products only treat on the surface or in spots. Termite hubs are usually deep inside walls, and the populations are vast. Wiping out colonies completely requires a thorough, far-reaching solution.

Preventive actions that will actually be useful are:

  • Removing or repairing any spoiled wood
  • Fixing moisture faults; especially if it’s getting wood wet
  • Keeping free wood off of soil (ex. Firewood and carpentry panels)
  • Sealing openings around utility lines, foundations, and walls
  • Distancing greenery and loose wood from the property 

What Can Bugaboo Pest Control Do About Termites?

We at Bugaboo Pest Control have expert technicians who know how to efficiently identity termites, their nests, entry points, and damage. They’ll be able to point out vulnerable areas and address them accordingly. They’ll use our specially designed equipment and treatments skillfully. No harm will be done to you, your pets, or your vegetation. We offer an array of affordable plans to suit your needs. Same- and next-day service is possible. Call for a free quote today!