Your Complete Guide To Pests In NJ, Eastern PA, & Northern DE

When pests invade, it’s natural to want to know more about them. Our pest library is the resource you need! Highlighting some of the most common pests in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and northern Delaware, this guide provides extensive information on each pest, describes the problems they cause, and tells you what you can do about them!

a carpenter ant crawling on wood in Lakewood new jersey


a bed bug crawling on fabric in Lakewood new jersey

Bed Bugs

a German cockroach crawling on a plant in Lakewood new jersey


a German cockroach crawling on a plant in Lakewood New Jersey

Crickets & Spiders

a flea crawling on a persons arm in Lakewood New Jersey



a brown mouse sniffing for food in a Lakewood New Jersey home


a mosquito drinking a persons blood in lakewood new jersey


an eastern subterranean termite causing damage in wood in Lakewood new jersey


a yellow jacket wasp crawling in a home in Lakewood New Jersey


a skunk walking across a lawn in Lakewood New Jersey