Cockroaches are not only feared but are loathed to the greatest degree by many who encounter them. And what’s not to dislike? They can sneak into your home undetected, hide out for an extended time, and then crawl out into the open unexpectedly. By the time you blow their cover, a roach population could have grown into the hundreds.

That’s why at Bugaboo Pest Control, we pride ourselves on delivering the most effective pest control in Lakewood to obliterate cockroach infestations completely. Our highly skilled team of technicians can develop a customized treatment plan to suit your specific needs and desired outcome. Continue reading to learn more about cockroaches and how to eliminate them quickly.

cockroach on pipe

The Different Types Of Cockroaches To Invade Homes

With over 4,000 different types of cockroaches in the United States, there are only five kinds of cockroach that commonly invade homes here in Lakewood. They include the German cockroach, the American cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, the Pennsylvania wood cockroach, and the oriental cockroach.

An experienced pest control professional can accurately identify the kind of roach in your home and take the appropriate exterminating measures to eliminate that species quickly. But regardless of the type, all cockroaches are hazardous to the health of humans and pets. It’s essential to rid your home of these pests as quickly as possible to prevent food contamination and disease transmission.

How Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

Cockroaches don’t just look disgusting on the outside. Still, they carry a laundry list of nasty diseases that can potentially make you and your family ill, which include salmonellosis, cholera, listeriosis, campylobacteriosis, plague, and dysentery.

Roaches are also known to spread E. coli, streptococcus, and staphylococcus aureus. Specific proteins in roach saliva, excrement, and body parts can trigger severe allergies and asthma attacks. But anyone who comes into contact with these materials is susceptible to allergic reactions or illnesses.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a professional pest control company thoroughly inspect your property before administering cockroach treatments that can eradicate these insects.

Useful Cockroach Prevention Tips

Make no mistake about it; prevention is the key to avoiding major pest problems. It all boils down to consistently cleaning up after yourself. Remember, that crumb that dropped on the floor may not be a big deal to you, but it’s an entire meal for an insect. Take a look at the five tips below to prevent cockroaches from making an appearance at your place:

  • Always keep your place clean
  • Empty the garbage often, making sure that trashcan lids fit snugly
  • Keep your food in airtight storage containers
  • Eat and drink in only one or two areas of your home
  • Dry up any moisture or water droplets you see

When roaches don’t have food or water sources, they’re less likely to surprise you with their presence. Also, consider developing a routine maintenance program with professional cockroach pest control in Green Bay to keep these critters from returning.

The Most Effective Cockroach Control In Lakewood

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when experiencing a cockroach infestation is choosing the best way to tackle it. Despite what do-it-yourself (DIY) experts on social media say, no slew of alternative methods completely wipes out a pest problem like the brute strength and resourcefulness of experienced pest elimination services.

For a decade now, Bugaboo Pest Control has been providing the level of service and exceptional results that consistently keeps cockroaches away from our Lakewood residences and businesses. Our team of technicians deploys the most effective and up-to-date techniques that transform your indoor and outdoor living areas into comfortable pest-free environments.  Reach out to us today for your free estimate!