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Pest Control In Stanton, DE

Stanton is a small New Castle County community near where the Red Clay and White Clay Creeks meet. Residents can find entertainment nearby in Wilmington, including theaters, shows, music, and sports. Stanton has numerous shops and restaurants, providing options for residents without heading to the larger city.

The woods, creeks, and rivers provide homes for many animals. They become pests when they build nests around residences and businesses, often invading to find food, water, and shelter. These creatures can unintentionally damage your building and spread pathogens they pick up in other areas, making them a local threat. Stanton, DE, pest control professionals can protect you from these troubles.

Bugaboo Pest Control provides essential pest control services for Stanton and New Castle County residents. We know the animals that threaten your safety and the best ways to keep them away.

Residential Pest Control In Stanton

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When many people see a bug in their house, they’re seldom concerned. But the appearance of one creature indicates entry points in your home and possibly more hiding on your property. These intruders can damage your home and make you sick, so eliminating those inside and preventing others from invading is essential. Many of these pests are hard to see and reach, but residential pest control services can help.

Bugaboo Pest Control protects Stanton residents from various pests that invade their homes. We’ll inspect your property to find the animals and their entry points. Our customized treatment plans eliminate those inside and prevent others from following their trail.

We believe in our treatment methods and back them up with a 100% guarantee, so we’ll return for further treatment if the pests remain in your home. Call us to keep your Stanton home pest free.

Commercial Pest Control In Stanton

The animals that live around Stanton present the biggest concern for businesses. You can keep people and weather out of your facility, but pests can find their way through tiny holes. These creatures can hinder your production by damaging equipment and making your staff sick.

Bugaboo Pest Control provides commercial pest control services for businesses in various industries. Our General Pest Control Package is the most popular protection plan because it includes year-round treatments. We’ll treat the common pests that invade Stanton businesses and return weekly, biweekly, or monthly to recheck and treat your facility.

If you have a problem with specific pests, we offer one-time services. Regardless, we’ll customize our services to meet your needs. Contact us to keep pests out of your business.

Four Warning Signs That Your Stanton Home Has A Termite Problem

Termites concern all homeowners, living underground and traveling through mud tubes to reach structures. When they get inside your house, they’ll drill tiny holes into the wood and begin eating from the inside. Many people don’t realize termites are in their houses until they see visible damage.

While you might not see the termites themselves, they leave signs of their existence in your house. Identifying these indications will help you prevent extensive damage to your home. Four clues that termites are in your Stanton home include:

  • Shed termite wings
  • Round holes in your wood
  • Termite swarmers
  • Small piles of sawdust-like material

Finding and eliminating termites is challenging, so you’ll need help from the professionals at Bugaboo Pest Control. Our technicians will inspect your house for these creatures and their nests. We offer multiple termite treatments, including trench and treat and bait stations. Trench and treat involves digging a trench around your building and injecting products, and bait stations supply them with products to take back to their colony.

Knowing when termites are in your house is the best way to protect your home. Give us a call to eliminate termites from your Stanton property.

What Stanton Residents Need To Do To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are synonymous with summer. These pests are most active around 80°F and bite around dawn and dusk to avoid direct sunlight. Most mosquitoes on your property produce annoying bites but aren’t a medical concern. However, some of these pests can spread illnesses.

Even if the mosquitoes on your property aren’t dangerous, you probably want to avoid them. Their bites can be irritating and sometimes painful. Preventing potentially dangerous mosquitoes is an added advantage when keeping these pests away from your property. Some tips to prevent mosquito bites in Stanton include:

  • Avoid going outdoors around dawn and dusk.
  • Cover your arms and legs with long sleeves and pants while outside.
  • Remove still water on your property.
  • Eliminate excess vegetation to remove resting spots.

Our technicians at Bugaboo Pest Control know where mosquitoes rest and breed, enabling us to treat those spots in your yard. We can return regularly during their active months to keep mosquitoes away.

While all mosquitoes are annoying on your property, some can be dangerous. Let us know if you want to prevent these insects around your Stanton residence.

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