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There is a lot to love about Greenville, including its walkability and the atmosphere it provides for growing families. Unfortunately, there are still things that can cause you harm, and we are talking about pests!

Many people don’t think professional home pest control services are necessary until they face an overwhelming infestation, and the same goes for business owners. 

You can learn about the best New Castle County pest control options for your home or business by checking out the info below!

Home Pest Control In Greenville, DE

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One of the perks of living in a place like Greenville is having all four seasons. However, many don’t realize that with each season comes different pest problems. It’s also common for people to think pests aren’t a concern in the winter, but the reality is that some can be even more of an issue during this time! Luckily, Greenville residents can work with our team of pest experts at Bugaboo Pest Control for year-round protection.

When you work with us for residential pest control, we begin with a thorough inspection to identify current pest pressures, entry points, and conditions that can lead to future infestations. Then we customize a treatment plan that addresses our inspection findings and other concerns you have.

We can implement the necessary treatments as a one-time service, a monthly or quarterly schedule. Our follow-up services work to maintain the protective barrier around your home through exterior treatments, with interior treatments on an as-needed basis. 

For the pests that are a bit more challenging, like rodents, birds, wildlife, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and termites, we offer specialty services to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back again.

Contact our Bugaboo Pest Control team to receive a free quote for the pest control services you need for your Greenville home.

Commercial Pest Control In Greenville, DE

Commercial properties are just as susceptible, if not more, to pest infestations as residential properties. Either way, the presence of pests on commercial properties can significantly impact your business and even put people in danger of getting sick. 

You can protect your business and prevent pest problems from happenings by working with pest control experts that have the knowledge and experience needed to give your facility the attention and care it needs. You can get all this and more by relying on Bugaboo Pest Control, a family-run company that is proud to help other businesses in the area.

Many businesses we currently work with utilize our General Pest Control Package, which provides year-round treatments for protection against common area pests. But we have an assortment of services to choose from, so we are sure to have one that meets all your pest control and budgetary needs. 

Call Bugaboo Pest Control to get commercial pest control services that work at an affordable price. 

The Secret To Keeping Flies Out Of Your Greenville Home 

As with other pests, keeping flies out of your home doesn’t always seem straightforward, as so many DIY methods and products are available at the touch of a finger. But it can be with the proper guidance and assistance. 

Hiring pest control experts is the best way to keep your home free of flies, but we also recommend implementing some changes to make your home less attractive to these pests in the first place. Here are some prevention tips:

  • Eliminate potential food sources by throwing away rotting produce, securing garbage, and keeping drains and sinks clean.
  • Reduce the moisture in your home by repairing leaks, ensuring proper ventilation, and utilizing dehumidifiers.
  • Remove entry points by repairing or replacing damaged screens, filling gaps around windows and doors, and sealing other openings.

If you have a fly problem, contact Bugaboo Pest Control. We offer residential pest control services that eliminate current concerns and help keep flies away in the future.

What To Do About Fleas In Your Greenville Home 

Once fleas infest, they can be tough to get rid of because their eggs can lay dormant in cracks and crevices that are challenging to reach. Another reason fleas are frustrating to get rid of is that they are often caused by other pest problems, meaning rodents, birds, and other wildlife can bring fleas onto your property and into your home. 

However, you can work with pest experts at Bugaboo Pest Control if you are experiencing an active flea infestation.

To fully understand your flea problem, we start with an inspection and implement a customized approach based on our findings. Depending on your situation, we perform on-time services or can implement a follow-up schedule monthly or quarterly. 

For more information about how we can assist you with fleas in your Greenville home, or for a free quote, call us at Bugaboo Pest Control.

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