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Located in Union County and crouching below Newark, New Jersey, Elizabeth is a densely populated suburb of the most heavily populated part of the U.S. All of those humans attract an even larger population of pests, which can invade homes and businesses alike. To avoid an infestation, you need to turn to the pros, which offer the most comprehensive protection around. 

Home Pest Control In Elizabeth, NJ

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Having pests inside of your home can be more than just a nuisance. Pests lead to property damage, allergies, diseases, and even other pests. In order to avoid the cycle of problems that results from a single invasion, you need to turn to experts who can guarantee prevention. At Bugaboo Pest Control, we provide you with these helpful steps for effective home pest control:

  • Thorough Inspections: We start our visit with an inspection of your home, looking for exterior and interior access points, as well as factors that might be attracting populations in the first place.
  • Effective Pest Control: We offer a wide range of general and targeted treatments for all kinds of pests, including wildlife, rodents, termites, and other kinds of specialty pest control that you may need.
  • Follow-Up: We always follow up with our customers after our initial visit, ensuring total satisfaction and effectiveness.

Get home pest control in Elizabeth that actually works by contacting Bugaboo Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Elizabeth, NJ

The consequences of a pest infestation can be far more severe for local businesses. From property damage to health impacts like diseases, pests are a costly disruption to your everyday activities. These kinds of businesses especially need to turn to professionals for commercial pest control:

  • Healthcare: It goes without saying that healthcare offices and hospitals need to avoid the diseases and other health effects pests can lead to. That’s why we partner with local healthcare professionals to keep their spaces pest-free. 
  • Restaurants: While all kinds of commercial properties can attract pests, the food service industry is perhaps at the highest risk of an infestation. All the food, moisture, and storage spaces attract pests to restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. 
  • Hospitality: Even hotels can be susceptible to insects and rodents, plus they are at a much higher risk of pests like bed bugs. We partner with local hospitality properties to make sure they are always safe from pest concerns. 

We help many other kinds of property owners, too, so if you have a pest concern in Elizabeth, just turn to Bugaboo Pest Control today.

The Truth About House Flies In Your Elizabeth Home

Insects are such tiny, annoying pests that they have made their way into literally every home or business at one point or another. And insects like flies can very easily swoop right in through an open window or door. But while these insects are hard to keep out, it’s not impossible to fully protect your home against house flies, especially with help from professionals. At Bugaboo Pest Control, we offer protection against flies and other insects, which can get indoors and lay eggs that grow into a recurring problem. But why should you rely on experts? Because of these factors:

  • Common: Again, flies are such common invaders of human homes that we literally call them house flies. They can easily slip indoors or even invade through your pipes and vents. 
  • Dangerous: Flies aren’t just buzzing nuisances. They can also carry diseases and are generally pests that hang out in squalid conditions. The next time you see flies crawling over your food or countertops, just think about what garbage or rotting material they may have been feasting on immediately prior. Yuck!
  • Difficult: As common as flies are, there aren’t many reliable D.I.Y. solutions or store products that can fully eliminate them. Like all insects, you have to be able to root out their eggs and nesting grounds, which is where professionals come in. 

Take care of house flies in your Elizabeth home the right way by turning to Bugaboo Pest Control today. 

The Dangers Fleas Bring To Your Elizabeth Home 

Most people know by now that fleas are common, biting pests that result in itchy marks all over the skin. And they aren’t just a concern for homeowners with pets. While they tend to prefer to cling to furry bodies for the warmth they provide, fleas can actually feed on people, too, and they can hide within our furniture and clothes when we’re not expecting it.
That’s why proper flea control comes from experts who can fully eliminate them from your property and provide you with tips for how to avoid future infestations. With help from Bugaboo Pest Control, you’ll always stay protected from these dangers that fleas contribute to:

  • Bites: Fleas bite people and pets alike to feed on our blood, which contains enough nutrients for these tiny parasites to survive. The result is an itchy welt on the skin. 
  • Pet Discomfort: While it isn’t just homes with pets who have to worry about fleas, pet owners should especially take them seriously. The last thing you want is your fur baby being in constant discomfort from itchy flea bites. 
  • Other Pests: As one insect population takes off, others will surely follow. The presence of fleas and other insects on your property can attract spiders and other pests to invade, too. 

Avoid flea problems in your Elizabeth home by contacting Bugaboo Pest Control today. 

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