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Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, along the Delaware River, the town of Croydon, PA, is a lovely Philly suburb with a population of fewer than 10,000 people. Our small community is home to several businesses, and as we continue to grow as a town, so do the number of pests. If you own property here in Croydon, you are vulnerable to experiencing a pest infestation, and it’s important to secure the proper protection. That’s where we come in.

Bugaboo Pest Control is your local source for reliable residential and commercial pest control in Croydon. We are a family-owned and operated pest control company providing complete pest control services throughout New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Northern Delaware since 2012.

We deal with all kinds of common area pests, such as mice, wildlife, ants, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, wasps, cockroaches, and crickets. From year-round general pest control plans to specialized rodent and mosquito control services, we’ve got you covered. Call today to request your free estimate. 

Home Pest Control In Croydon, PA

home pest control in Croydon, PA

Here at Bugaboo Pest Control, we are proud to protect Croydon homeowners and their loved ones from the detriments of household pest infestation. Our residential pest control process includes the following steps:

  • Thorough Inspection – We begin by performing a thorough inspection of the home to determine your current pest problems. We identify how pests are getting in and potential problems that could occur from your current conditions.
  • Quality Pest Treatments – Our team develops a customized treatment plan suited to your specific pest control needs, addressing both the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Follow-Up Visits – We offer both one-time treatments and recurring treatments depending on your needs. Our services are performed on a singular, monthly, or quarterly basis, based on your requirements.

No matter what pest problem you’re facing, we are here to deal with it for you. Our prices are always fair, and we won’t attempt to up-sell you for services you don’t need. To learn more about our household pest solutions, reach out to us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Croydon, PA

If you want to protect your Croydon business from commercial pest activity, the best plan of action is to reach out to the pros at Bugaboo Pest Control. We have experience providing commercial pest control to all kinds of local businesses. Some of the properties we’ve worked with include healthcare properties, restaurants, hospitality, property management, education facilities, and warehouses.

We offer one-time solutions as well as recurring pest services. Our team schedules our visits weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based on your needs and preferences. Reach out to us today to discuss your commercial pest control needs and how we can be of service. 

What To Do About Wasps On Your Croydon Property

The best way to protect yourself from wasp activity is to take the proper precaution. If you want to know what to do about wasps on your Croydon property, there are some preventative tips to put in place. Consider the following:

  • Apply caulking to seal cracks and crevices around the porch.
  • Dispose of trash and clean spills right when they happen.
  • Eliminate access to food and never leave food (human and pet) outside.
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed and well-maintained.
  • Make sure to cover up holes in the ground with cement or grass
  • Store garbage in tightly sealed cans and cover any compost piles.
  • Watch out for wasp nests in sheds, garages, wall cavities, etc.

While all these preventative tips are definitely useful in avoiding wasps, the truth is that none of them guarantee results on their own. The best thing to do is secure ongoing services from the pest professionals.

Here at Bugaboo Pest Control, we’re prepared to deal with wasp activity and eliminate all wasp populations and nests from your property. Get in touch with us to discuss your stinging insect control needs today. 

Three Easy & Effective Termite Protection Tips For Croydon Property Owners

As one of the most destructive pests around, termites are known for eating through the structural timbers of your property and causing large-scale property damage. Not only is termite damage threatening your safety, but it’s also extremely expensive. That’s why it’s essential to protect yourself. Here are three easy and effective termite protection tips for Croydon property owners:

  1. Eliminate excess moisture around the property, using vent fans in moisture-rich areas.
  2. Get rid of any rotting or moisture-damaged wood and avoid any wood-to-soil contact.
  3. Install loose mortar/weather stripping around all windows and doors to prevent entry.

When push comes to shove, the only 100% effective way to deal with a termite infestation is to get professional pest control services. Bugaboo Pest Control is here to provide total termite control and prevention solutions you can count on all year long. Call today to get started. 

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