Longer days, warmer nights and pretty flowers all indicate that spring is here and summer is right on its heels. However, with warmer weather comes an onslaught of unwanted pests. One pest that everyone dreads is the mosquito. It’s not surprising that we are already dreading the moments spent outside on mosquito-infested properties. Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they’re also actually quite dangerous. Everyone is familiar with the raised itchy welt that marks a mosquito bite. Unfortunately, not everyone is as familiar with the other consequences.

Mosquitoes carry disease and pathogens. Some of the most serious illnesses affecting humans include malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). Their inherent danger makes prevention a priority.

a mosquito crawling on a blade of grass

Prevention Dos And Don’ts

At this point, we can all agree that prevention is important when it comes to mosquitoes invading the yard or home. The problem lies in knowing what prevention tips work and what’s best left alone. That’s why we took the time to gather some research and put together a list of do’s and don’ts concerning your mosquito prevention efforts:

  • Do eliminate standing water: Standing water anywhere on the property is the single biggest reason why mosquitoes take up residence in your Lakewood home. Whether it’s a clogged gutter system, fountain, or just a large puddle in your backyard, the key is to get these areas treated and dried out where possible.
  • Don’t trust apps: With the ongoing dependence on technology, it makes sense that apps would be developed to keep mosquitoes away. Unfortunately, none of them have demonstrated any value. It’s best to stick to other more effective methods of mosquito control.
  • Do use screens: Mosquitoes look to enter through any opening they can squeeze through. As such, it pays to ensure your windows and air conditioners are properly screened. When installed properly, mosquitoes can’t get into your home via those entry points.
  • Don’t rely on tiki torches: How many barbecues or pool parties have you been to where these were a part of the décor? More than you can count, and the truth is that while they provide a lovely ambiance, they don’t get the job done. The heat and moisture given off by tiki torches may attract mosquitoes to them, but mosquitoes are still just as attracted to your blood. If you like them for the atmosphere they provide your party, go for it, but for strict mosquito control, there are better options.
  • Do use mosquito repellent: You need repellent that contains DEET, picaridin, or other CDC-approved ingredients to be effective in keeping the mosquitoes off of you. Target your ankles, feet, lower legs, and wrists. Spray the outside of your clothing to protect your skin.
  • Don’t count on those wristbands: A lot of people have taken to using wristbands that emit a sonic tone to keep mosquitoes away. While this keeps your wrist protected, the tone isn’t strong enough to keep the rest of your body safe.
  • Do wear light colors: Mosquitoes like dark or deep colors. As such, say goodbye to blacks, most blues, and reds. Instead, embrace the season and wear those lighter colors that just don’t work in the winter. Bonus tip: Wear thicker fabrics for increased protection.

Regardless of your efforts to control mosquitoes, you may still find yourself dealing with a problem. In the end, effective pest control in Lakwood involves partnering with Bugaboo Pest Control.

Mosquito Control With Bugaboo Pest Control

Without a doubt, the most effective way to control your mosquito population is to invest in professional mosquito control services. At Bugaboo Pest Control, we are a family-owned and operated company that cares deeply about the members of our community. Our comprehensive approach to mosquito control involves inspecting your property and coming up with a customized home pest control plan for your mosquito problem.

At Bugaboo Pest Control, we offer both one-time or recurring mosquito control services. Whether you’re planning a special event or looking for mosquito control all summer long, we have the solution you need. To learn more about how Bugaboo Pest Control can greatly reduce the mosquito population in your Lakewood yard, reach out to us today!