Most spiders are completely harmless, but all of them are obnoxious to deal with. Moreover, having a spider problem means you probably have other pest problems as well. Let’s talk about the spiders that are common in Lakewood, as well as what homeowners should do when spiders move indoors.

spider crawling on bathroom sink

Types Of Spiders In Lakewood, NJ

Despite having fangs and venom, most spiders in New Jersey are harmless. Spiders are vampires to insects but are mostly harmless to humans as they rarely bite us and their venom isn’t typically dangerous. That said, it’s important to know which spiders you’re dealing with around your Lakewood property. Some spiders do have an irritating venom, and it’s best to know which arachnids you can sweep away and which you should be careful with.

  • Cellar spiders: Commonly known as “daddy long legs,” these arachnids look much larger than they are. Cellar spiders have small bodies and long, spindly legs, giving them a gangly appearance. Despite common myth, these spiders are not venomous.
  • Garden spiders: These large, black and yellow arachnids prefer the outdoors, but be wary of them anyway. The garden spider has bands of gold and black across their bodies, and they weave large webs wherever they can. These spiders are undeniably beautiful but don’t disturb them as the females have an irritating bite.
  • Grass spiders: These brown or gray spiders prefer the outdoors. They build funnel shaped webs in tall grasses, window sills, or steps, and they have light and dark stripes close to their head.
  • Jumping spiders: These adorable arachnids have brown, black, or sometimes greenish bodies, and they often jump from place to place. These spiders are much happier outdoors, and their bites are harmless.
  • Brown recluse spider: Rarely, Lakewood residents may encounter the brown recluse spider. These dark brown spiders can be identified by the violin shape on their lower body and their set of six legs, separated in pairs. These large spiders tend to hide in cluttered spaces, but if you come too close, they spook easily and will bite you. Brown recluse bites can be dangerous, so be wary of any spider bites in your Lakewood home.

Spider Prevention Tips

Spiders actually help your household, as they eat the other insects that get inside. While spiders are beneficial, their presence is often a sign of other pest issues. If you find yourself dealing with spiders, figure out what they are feeding on. Spiders will feed off the pests in your house, which may be hiding in areas of clutter, the underside of appliances, or possibly your pantry, bathroom, garage, or attic.

In short, to prevent spiders, prevent other infestations. Keep your food and trash secured, remove standing water, and control indoor moisture. Always check the boxes delivered to your house for pests as well since packaging from online shopping can bring pests in.

Finally, sweep away any webs you see and seal your house off from insects. Check the caulking of your windows, the sealant around your doorways, and patch any holes in your vents, chimney, roof, and masonry.

Spiders can give Lakewood homeowners the creeps, and even if they don’t creep you out, they are a sign of other problems. Stop the problems before they get worse. Reach out to Lakewood’s expert spider exterminators at Bugaboo Pest Control, and we’ll make sure the only spiders you see this Halloween are the decorative kind.