A visit to the zoo is always fun because you see exotic animals and get a snapshot of their daily lives. Although we pay money for a chance to see wildlife, the truth is that wild animals are constantly around us. However, we don’t often see them because wild animals tend to avoid humans when possible. But, there are times when wild animals and homeowners cross paths, and when that intersection occurs, it can be problematic.

If wild animals are on your property, you need our Lakewood pest control experts from Bugaboo Pest Control. Our family-owned company has removed wildlife from local properties and provided homeowners peace of mind for a decade. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge necessary to eradicate wild animals so your family can safely enjoy the outdoors around your home.

a squirrel outside a home

What Kind Of Nuisance Wildlife Lives In Lakewood?

Wildlife is animals that live outdoors and do not typically interact with humans. Here are the five wildlife species in Lakewood that give owners difficulty requiring wildlife control:

  • Raccoons: Easily identifiable by its black “mask” around the eyes, this 12 to 35-pound wild animal is active at night and hides during the day.
  • Opossums: This is another furry creature, but it does not have the black face mask; instead, it has a slender muzzle, typically greyish, coarse fur, pronounced ears, short legs, and a long tail.
  • Squirrels: Most of us can identify this small, furry animal with its long bushy tail that resides in trees.
  • Skunks: Identifiable by the white stripe that forks down the center of their black body, these mainly nocturnal, mild-tempered mammals are beneficial, but you don’t want them to release their defensive odor!
  • Pigeons: These birds have red feet, a whitish rump, black bars on their feather wings, and a broad black stripe on their tail.
  • Starlings: These aggressive birds are the size of a robin and, during the breeding season, have bright yellow bills on their purplish-green iridescence body.
  • Sparrows: Black and brown stripes run down the backs of this brightly colored bird with white cheeks. They build nests behind signs and hover around parking lots.
  • Grackles: This black iridescent bird (males) with piercing yellow eyes forages in trash cans and on the streets.

These are the primary examples of animals in the Lakewood area that require the wildlife control services of a local, experienced company like Bugaboo Pest Control.

Things That Attract Wildlife To Your Yard

Because we have encroached on their territory, Lakewood homeowners increasingly encounter wildlife on their property and need nuisance wildlife removal. These animals enter properties if they find a food source like open garbage cans or accessible compost piles, a high concentration of insects, fruit, bird feeders, and nuts.

Another attraction is water. Poorly drained ditches or low-lying areas, bird baths, or outdoor leaking faucets attract wildlife. The wild animals will return if they find food and water, but if they find shelter, they will stay. A hiding place may be an old tree stump, a hollow tree, a covered ledge to create a nest, a leaf or wood pile, or other debris in the yard. In some cases, animals like raccoons and squirrels may nest in the home’s attic if it is accessible.

Five No-Sweat Tips To Prevent Nuisance Wildlife Around Your Home

Wildlife and pest control on your Lakewood property requires the following:

  1. Seal cracks in the foundation and under the roofline
  2. Restrict access to chimneys and vents with metal mesh screens
  3. Eliminate yard debris
  4. Provide proper drainage
  5. Close outdoor garbage cans

Wildlife pest control involves maintaining a sanitary perimeter around your Lakewood home by eliminating food, water, and shelter options for animals.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Wildlife On My Property?

Bugaboo Pest Control provides wildlife removal in Lakewood. Our technicians will inspect your property and determine the attractants and entry points. We will use various methods and techniques to eradicate the pests from your property. We will also work to ensure they do not return in the future. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Lakewood.