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mouse crawling in trash

What Lakewood Homeowners Ought To Know About Mice


Mice are an interesting pest because many people don’t even worry about them in the same way they worry about pests like spiders, ants, and wasps. However, the house mouse is actually one of the most common home-invading pests in the Lakewood area.... Read More

a yellow jacket wasp

Lakewood's Handy Guide To Yellow Jackets


You may or may not know this, but "wasp" is an umbrella term for stinging critters and includes yellow jackets. Though these creatures sustain the environment because they pollinate and prey on other insects, no Lakewood resident desires their presence. Find out how to ward them off and how Bugaboo Pest Control can be of assistance.... Read More

a cockroach up close in a home

Lakewood Homeowners Guide To Avoiding Cockroaches


Imagine for a second the dirtiest item you can think of. Then imagine a cockroach standing on it. Cockroaches love filth, and this can be detrimental when they decide to invade our homes. If you would like to avoid cockroaches and the germs they carry, here is a quick guide for you... Read More

a wasp on a drinking glass

What You Can Do To Minimize Wasps Around Your Lakewood Home


Every creature deals with danger differently. Armadillos roll themselves into a ball; squirrels flee to the tops of trees, squids shoot ink out around them, and run away. Some creatures fight back when they feel threatened, such as wasps. If you don’t know much about wasps but know you don’t want them buzzing around your property, you are in the right place... Read More

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