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a wasp on a drinking glass

What You Can Do To Minimize Wasps Around Your Lakewood Home


Every creature deals with danger differently. Armadillos roll themselves into a ball; squirrels flee to the tops of trees, squids shoot ink out around them, and run away. Some creatures fight back when they feel threatened, such as wasps. If you don’t know much about wasps but know you don’t want them buzzing around your property, you are in the right place... Read More

termites in the walls of a home

6 Signs Of Termite Activity Around Your Lakewood Property


Unfortunately, termites love to cause problems here in Lakewood, NJ. Preventing termite problems is key to protecting your home because termite infestations can go for years undetected. However, homes in Lakewood could incur thousands of dollars in home repairs because of termite damage, unless they act fast... Read More

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